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Playing Fetch with a Lamp Shade

So we had another incident with Mac's eye last week.

Starting last Monday night, whenever I administer Mac's daily eye drops he would wince, tried to paw his eye and started keeping his eye close for a bit. Those are all bad signs. By Tuesday night Mac would just close his eyes after I give him his daily eye drop, it was as if the drops were made of acid. I have a suspicion that there is something in the eye drop that's irritating his eye or something in his eye is being irritated by the eye drop.

While his eye pressure level was just checked two weeks prior and showed fantastic score, Glaucoma is always still a possibility so I made a call to his local eye doctor Dr. Smith and they suggested I take him in as emergency right away. Thankfully it turned out to be a small scratch on his cornea and as a result, he is now sporting this goofy cone that would keep him from scratching his eye while it heals.

It has been almost a week since Mac has been sporting the Cone of Glory, below is a video of him in all his grace and glory. Doesn't he look like a four legged lamp?

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Half a Year Report

Shiba Inu Mac yawningSummer and Fall came and went in a blur, it had been an amazing and eventful half a year full of hikes, outings and friends. As Mac gets older, there is a very noticeable decrease in activity level (he is 9 1/2 now) and I have adjusted our outings to match his output. One sad news that I have yet to share with the readers of this blog is that Mac finally lost the sight in his left eye due to Glaucoma early this year, I will write more in-depth on that topic in a later entry as it is still a tough thing to talk about, it is also one of the reasons I stepped away from blogging for awhile. Right now I am observing his remaining good eye very carefully, anything out of the ordinary and we are off to the vet for an eye pressure check and exam.

On a happier front, Mac has finally embraced his dog bed of 3 years and stared sleeping in it regularly. His morning ritual would involve pulling out the top padding and swinging it (and spreading it’s fillings) around, so a replacement may be imminent. You can be sure I would be doing a review on that replacement!

For my friends not sharing updates on blogs, how have the last half a year been treating you and your pup?

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Cutest Japanese Shiba Puppy!

Adorable Shiba Puppy in Japan. Interesting to see them all off leash while outdoor.

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Stress Signs

stresslickingAfter a few years with Mac, I have graduated from a completely oblivious new dog owner to a slightly more seasoned dog slave that is more observant to my King's body language. There are a lot of subtle body expressions like quick nose licking, yawning, shaking that are associated with stress.

I came upon this short and clear article about stress signs (with pictures!) and thought this would be a great link to share as the come-back post after months of absence:

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Wonderful Adoption Video from SPCA

Although the cats and dogs felt a bit confused in the video but we can all feel the love from the SPCA volunteers in this music video!

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Puppies Learning Play Bow

I was always a bit fuzzy on whether Play Bow was instinct or learned... looks like it's learned as demonstrated by this super cute French Bulldog father & kids combo!

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4″ of Snow!

wow. much snow. many cold. freezing. wow.


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It has been awhile hasn’t it?

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Mac the Shiba Inu eating lunch

It has been awhile since the last post, the site was hacked by spambot but it is finally back in commission. A lot has happened since May, most important being that Glaucoma finally claimed Mac’s left eye. Or maybe Mac has been without sight for awhile already but it was never clearly diagnosed until our trip to UPenn in August.

In August I took Mac to UPenn’s vet department and met up with Sandie & Tom from Rodel Shiba, they were bringing some of their dogs there for preventative checkups. We consulted the highly acclaimed Ophthalmologist Dr. Gustavo Aguirre and it was determined then that Mac is definitely blind in his left eye and we should focus on comfort and preventative to his still perfect right eye.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-21332-1383689522-26For awhile we have always questioned just how much sight Mac has left in his left eye as we have received different answers from different vets, unfortunately now we know. The good news though is that as long as eye pressure is kept in check (currently still being managed by daily eye-drops), the lack of sight in one eye really did not affect Mac much. He is still trail blazing on hikes like nobody’s business.

In the past months we have went on numerous hikes, had friends’ dogs and even a kitten staying over, and have sampled many, many new food and treats (yes, Mac definitely gets spoiled now!). I can’t wait to start sharing these new stories with you guys!

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Review: Dog Backseat Hammock – Zone Tech, Outward Hound

We made the switch from a quilted backseat cover to a backseat hammock (Amazon: Zone Tech Back Seat Pet Hammock), Mac seems to like it a lot better. For folks that are in the market for a seat cover, I did a quick video review over the weekend, hope this helps somebody!


Shiba Rejection

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A few friends shared the same video with me, thought I would spread the Shiba Rejection love too! 😉