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Reporter on Acid while visiting Westminster Dog Show

Besides the initial cursing, it's a clean video. Good natured dog show visit while tripping on Acid gives an interesting perspective to the dog show.


Craigslist dog takes on Westminster!

Dog Goes From Craigslist to Westminster - Maverick

Photo Credit: Dan Stallings

Among the mass of cruel animal abuse stories, this is one of the rare heart warming ones coming out from the news.

Actually, the story did have a sad beginning - Maverick was a rescue from Craigslist and his original owner neglected him. He was caged up, so thin that you could see his ribs. At the time of adoption, he had a nose infection and he chewed his tail raw. For the next 5 months, Maverick's new owner Stallings nursed him back into health and started entering him into dog shows and actually started winning.

Ultimately Maverick made it to the biggest show of all - Westminster. Although he did not win, but seeing Maverick being rescued from such a neglected state to a dog show contender, it is quite something isn't is?

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Video by ABC News

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