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Video of Sumo’s Visit

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Sumo came by and visited us last weekend in preparation of his upcoming stay with us, it has been awhile so we wanted to make sure they are still fine with each other at my house.

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.. yep, no problem and still playing like old buddies!

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Learning how to growl

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Just two dogs playing fetch

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Sumo nom nom nom

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Sumo + Mac = BFF?

The past few days had been interesting to say the least. On top of losing power for 5 days, Sumo stayed with us for the entire duration of the power outage - it definitely made things a lot more challenging and less comfortable, but I would like to think that Sumo and Mac came away with a stronger bond as a direct result.

Our typical day started around 6:30am, as soon as I open Sumo's crate in the basement (it was cooler downstairs) he would blast up to the first floor with Mac wagging his tail greeting him at the top of the stairs. I would then open the sliding doors to my deck and watch as both of them disappear under the deck to relief themselves. Soon they would both come bouncing back into the house for their morning play session that would last a good 10 - 15 minutes before they had to stop to cool off. That was usually when I would sneak away for a quick breakfast and a [cold] shower.

Each day when I come home from work, I would find Mac hanging out in the basement near Sumo's crate keeping him company. As soon as I open the crate to let Sumo out the events in the morning would repeat itself all over again. The only difference is after they play, they would settle in their respective spot in the living room and contently chew their toy or stare off into space.

When Sumo first came he was pretty energetic and inquisitive, which led to a few aggressive growls from M

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ac to set boundaries; but by the 3rd day, they were completely comfortable with each other and followed each other all over the house. It even surprised me how much Mac let Sumo gets away with near the end of his stay - Sumo was pouncing on Mac's back repeatedly and that has always been a huge no-no for Mac. We also had a little initial issue with Sumo barking at any neighborhood activity he saw out the windows, but a few stern "No!" quickly corrected the issue, He is a very smart dog that picks things up very quickly - or maybe I was just used to my Shiba's well known stubbornness?

Below is a short video compilation of Sumo and Mac with their typical play style, we will miss having Sumo around for sure!

Hey Sumo, what you got there?

Mine now!

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Sunday Morning

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Sumo" title="Sumo" width="720" height="478" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1144" />

Still without power at home, so just a photo of Sumo for now!

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This is a Two Dog Household!

It is going to be a very special weekend - Sumo's owners are traveling to Jamaica for vacation so Sumo will be staying with us for a few days!

This is the first time for me taking care of more than one dog, and we did a lot of ground work in preparation for this week to make sure Sumo and Mac get along great. Sumo is one of the few dogs that Mac tolerates in his territory, even so, Mac would still stare Sumo down from time to time to let him know who is boss, but each meeting gets better and better. Sumo being readily submissive definitely helped the process!

We are very excited to hav

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e Sumo joining the house hold and Mac having a buddy, stay tuned for a more detailed Mac & Sumo update!

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The Little Dog That Could!

Summer - welcome back!

Yesterday was one of the first group hikes of the season, the weather was gorgeous and we got Mac and 4 of his buddies out by the water getting some exercise.

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This hike's MVP was definitely Sumo the Frenchie/Boston puppy. He was retrieving sticks... no, logs, out of the fast flowing river! Very impressive. Check out the video below for a medium sized log he retrieved. After that log Andy tossed in a ridiculously huge log that Sumo could not even fit in his mouth, but somehow he managed to grab a branch and brought it back to shore - wow!!


Introducing a Second Dog to the House – Round 2

Introducing a second dog to a Shiba house hold

Thanks to all the comments on the earlier entry - when Andy brought Sumo over to my house to "test the water," we decided to approach this home visit with a few added strategies.

Overall things went a lot smoother compared to last visit. It is probably a combination of them already met each other before, the more gradual and organized introductory process, and me not flipping out each time Mac breathed down Sumo's neck. We figure one more visit like this and I should feel comfortable enough to board Sumo when Andy goes on vacation! Yay for new playmate!

Below is a collection of videos from this session, less scary moments and more play time, I promise!

PS - In an effort to keep things more organized, I created a new YouTube channel for Mac instead of lumping all my videos together. If you are interested in getting notification on new video updates, please check out the channel and subscribe!


Introducing a Second Dog to the House!

Earlier this week Andy talked to me about the possibility of boarding Sumo the Boston/Frenchie puppy at my house for a few days in June. Knowing how dominant and territorial Mac is I had some serious doubt about introducing a high energy male puppy into the house, but since they already know each other from all the hikes, maybe it will work. We decided to have Sumo visit this past weekend to see h

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ow they do.

As expected, as soon as Sumo stepped through the door Mac greeted him with intense growling and staring down. Good thing Sumo was willing to be submissive and immediately went as long to the ground as possible - eye adverted and ears pinned back. The rest of the visit played out in a fine display of perfect canine body languages with a happy ending. Check out the video below if you have a moment, I found it really fascinating trying to decode what each dog was trying to convey to the other along the way!

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