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Japan Post Disaster Rescue

Warning: Heart-wrenching music video, don't watch if you do not enjoy cutting onion!

An extremely touching short m

Oportunidad! Curso Yoga Iyengar 100% Espanol - Hd

usic video of the animal rescue effort in Japan after the tsunami disaster. These amazing people brave the radiation at Fukushima (福島) to rescue the pets that were left behind.

PS - It's amazing to see how many Shiba / Shiba-mix there are.

Oportunidad! Curso Yoga Iyengar 100% Espanol - Hd

Guy Went Fishing and Caught a Dog

This gentleman went kayak fishing and noticed a very tired dog swimming up towards him. After taking him to the vet, thanks to the dog's microchip, they were able to locate the dog's family and connect the dots. Unfortunately it revealed a sad story. Link to related news story.