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Cutest Japanese Shiba Puppy!

Adorable Shiba Puppy in Japan. Interesting to see them all off leash while outdoor.

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Shiba Puppy at the Pet Store

There is a puppy store called Just Puppies near CZ's family restaurant that I would visit from time to time. The strong odor hits you like a freight train as soon as you walk in and unsurprisingly, there were a lot of negative feedbacks on Yelp - it is hardly a decent place to keep a puppy.

On this visit, I was surprised to see a Shiba Inu. According to the staffs, Shiba has been rare and they were usually sold as soon as the dog touched down. Maybe due to the rise in popularity more are being "imported"?

Time and time again you hear people say "Don't buy from a pet store!" and there is truth to it. It is common knowledge that most pet store buys from puppy mills or less than reputable breeders. To me, it is not so much the health of the puppy in question (obviously there is a higher risk of health issue due to the parents over-breeding and having all these dogs in one unsanitary location), but more the treatment of the parents that bother me. Their life contains only eat - poop - sex - sleep. Sounds great right? But do all that in a small wire cage your entire life, probably not so great anymore.

To me it is not even about the breed standard, it is about basic animal well being. If you decide to buy (or rescue) that cute little puppy from a pet store, the pet store will know there is a demand and will order even more puppies from the mill. For just that reason alone I would highly recommend you not support this cycle and go to a reputable breeder.

* Somewhat related - Since people ask for Shiba breeder recommendations from time to time, I recently started a Mac's Reputable Breeder List so I can quickly refer them to great breeders. I will slowly populate this list with breeders that I find trustworthy and truly care for the well being of their dogs. A shit list is probably coming too, in fact, I think that list may be even more important.


Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

They're back!

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Mac as a Teenager

Mac as a teenager!

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Last week Sandie from Rodel Shibas sent me a picture of Mac when he was a puppy, look at him! 😉

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Meet Hiro!

She had been patiently waiting for the right puppy and the time has finally come. Let's congratulate Sandy and welcome Hiro to the DMV Shiba Coalition!

Mac meeting Hiro

Hiro is a sweet red male from buy cialis online no prescription

href="" target="_blank">Kayobi Shiba.  Things were a bit dicey in the beginning... the breeder was not too responsive and her cousin was having a little health issue with a puppy he got from Kayobi.  But thankfully everything seems to have worked out well, just look at this little guy! 😉

If you are interested in following Hiro's development, hop on over and take a look at his blog which was set up a month and a half ago... and you thought *I* was obsessed!

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Mac’s Baby Pics!

Since I got Mac as an adult, I always wondered what he was like as a puppy. Today Sandie from Rodel Shibas sent me some pictures of Mac when he was younger and I thought I will share them with you all!

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