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Learning how to growl

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Anti-Social / Dog Aggression?

Back off, yo!

If there is one area that I want to work with Mac on, it's socialization.

Mac is fantastic with human; he is extremely calm and gentle when it comes to greeting strangers. The only issue is sometimes he simply does not like other dogs.

I understand that this is one of the characteristics of the Shiba Inu, especially for a male. However, seeing how there are male Shibas that play perfectly in dog parks makes me think that it may be possible to slowly socialize Mac into more accepting (or at least tolerant) of other dogs. A typical meeting with a strange dog is usually greeted with loud growling as the dog approaches. From there, if the other dog is calm and doesn't pester Mac much, he could grow to ignore and accept the other dog; OR it could grow into a long term growling session. From time to time it even escalates into barking, which is something Mac never does unless in situation involving another dog.

So far all the growling and barking seems to be bluff but I want to see if there is a way to let Mac know that other dogs are okay, and we humans got it under control. I will do some research and would appreciate any advice!

Here is a video of today's first meeting with Blue the 1.5 year old female Husky (gorgeous Husky, btw!). In the beginning (not in video) Mac growled and barked a lot, but slowly it occurred less frequently. Is there hope?