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Shiba & Cat

Cute video of a Shiba playing with his cat buddy. I sometime see Mac "freak out" like the beginning of this video when we play!

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ShibaMac & TabbyPC?

aire jordan

The idea of getting a cat has been on my mind for months, I made sure to give myself a lot of time to think about it to make sure it is not just an impulse decision. Couple of months later - yep, still want one, so here we are today.

Now that I have decided to go forward, I started reading up on cat breeds. The Egyptian Mau and Bengal really grabbed my attention, but along with the two breeds I also have a particular soft spot for black cat and orange tabby. Figure I can only learn so much sitting behind a computer, I set out to meet cats and people.

For the past weeks I had conversations with breeders, shelters, and rescue organizations, today we visited three locations: A local cat rescue group, a veterinarian clinic, and the humane society. Today was all about visiting adoptable cats and learning the basics. Among all the cats we met today Obi, the little guy up there stood out immediately - he was playful but not overly rambunctious, there was no fear of people, and to cap it off he has the Shiba coloration! The foster family (vet tech) did a tremendous job with the little boy! I was definitely taken by him.

While visiting the cats I also asked the people for advice, especially on introducing the potential cat to Mac - I was pretty up-front about my concern. Thankfully none of them thought it would be a major issue, they actually recommend adopting a kitten because the odd would be better that the kitten have not had any traumatic experience with dogs yet, so we would be starting with a clean slate.

So, all is well and it looks like Mac will be getting a little friend!

... and then CZ started sniffing and got a little red in the eyes. Not tear of joy, but it appeared that she may be allergic to cats?!

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A Trip to the Animal Shelter

Saturday started out with heavy rain. Outdoor activities no longer being an option, CZ and I decided to visit the local Humane Society. We have toyed with the idea of adding a cat to the family and visiting the Animal Shelter and talking to the staffs there would give us a better sense of what to expect and who are available.

I have only been to the shelter once a long time ago, and from memory it was pretty empty. This time however, the number of animals at the shelter was staggering. As expected, nearly 3/4 of the dogs there were big dogs - mostly pitbulls. It was also not surprising why they were difficult to adopt out - even their friendly barks were intimidating. It was very sad to see so many dogs fighting for attention as people walk by their cage. We also witnessed two Bichons locked in a vicious fight as volunteers strgguled to separate them, it was a very humbling experience.

While there, we spotted a Shiba / Chihuahua mix right away. He was barking non-stop and appeared pretty demanding (inherited the worst traits from both breeds?!), but being a small and unique looking dog I am sure he will find his forever home soon. I just wish the other dogs would also get a fair shot at a home.

Oh yes, the cat! We met and played with Mystery, a 4 month old male black cat that was really playful. Apparently black cat has the same issue as black dog, people are simply not adopting them as much as their colored counterparts. The shelter is even running a special promotion for black cats where they would waive the adoption fee. Both CZ and I were in love with Mystery but more research needs to be done before we can make a decision.

Do you have a cat in your Shiba-owned household? What have your experience been?