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Japan Post Disaster Rescue

Warning: Heart-wrenching music video, don't watch if you do not enjoy cutting onion!

An extremely touching short m

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usic video of the animal rescue effort in Japan after the tsunami disaster. These amazing people brave the radiation at Fukushima (福島) to rescue the pets that were left behind.

PS - It's amazing to see how many Shiba / Shiba-mix there are.

Oportunidad! Curso Yoga Iyengar 100% Espanol - Hd
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  1. 3:14 so sad. 🙁 Poor shiba the person kept trying shut the dogs eyes.

    When Pearly was put to sleep her eyes didn’t shut my mom tried, but didn’t work then with Junior same thing my dad tried to shut it guess he forgot..

    Must be something that stops them from shutting or something..
    Whole thing is so sad.
    Here’s a thing on it too has link to a blog of a guy who lives there has lots pictures of it.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video…it just goes to show you how much animals depend on humans for survival as much as we depend on them for companionship.

    Just saying though…Mother Nature can throw anything my way and I will never ever leave Hero behind. I will run/swim/climb mountains with him on my back if I have to! Mandatory evacuation without my dog? No thanks, go ahead without me, I’d rather risk death than leave my dog.

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