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Mac’s Reputable Shiba Inu Breeder List

First and foremost - Thank you for not buying your Shiba puppy from a pet store and doing your research!  There is a difference.  I will not mention the situation with puppy mills, but by doing a little extra research and exercising a little patience now, you will be reward with a much higher possibility of finding a healthier and more social Shiba that best represents the breed.


While it is not suppose to be an important deciding factor, as a potential owner I am sure it will still work into the decision process. I am not going to sugarcoat it - if you are buying from a reputable breeder, chances are you will be paying a premium.  The range seems to fall between $1,200 - $2,000 depending on the breeder's success and location.  The initial cost may sway you back to a cheaper alternative, but if you look at the number long term it is reasonable.   One thing to consider is that you are buying a life that you will spend with for the next 13+ years. $1800 vs. $1000 initial cost spread out over 13 years is roughly $60 a year difference. For that price, you know you are starting out with the best chance of having a healthy, well adjusted, beautiful puppy coming from one of the top lines in the United State; with the best odd at dodging potentially costly health issue down the road. To me the better odd is worth the extra $60 a year.

Please do not hesitate to comment or email me if you would like to recommend a breeder or you think one is listed in error.

New Jersey

  • Polar Star Kennels - / 732.252.5156
    AKC Breeder of Merit, high praises on Shiba Inu Forum.
  • Tengai Shibas
    AKC Breeder of Merit, Great reviews from Shiba Inu forums and happy Shiba owners.


  • Royal Kennels
    AKC Breeder of Merit, wonderful reviews from across the board. Also noteworthy is that they raise their dogs on a 5 acre farmland, runs a Kai rescue, and quite a few of their dogs had such sweet temperament that they were trained to be therapy & service dogs.


  • Rodel Shiba
    AKC Breeder of Merit, one of the top Shiba Inu breeder in the US.  Owner of Banshou the top Shiba in the US (been in 100+ shows, took Breed title 80+ times).  Rodel Shiba is also where Mac came from.


  • Hi-Jinx Shiba
    AKC’s gold medallion for recognition, Shiba breed columnist for the AKC. Overwhelming good reviews from fellow Shiba owners.

Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada

  • Sunojo Shibas
    Sunojo's Shibas consistently take the top spots in the Canada dog shows (some pretty staggering accomplishments listed on their site). Research showed very favorable references to Sunojo's Shibas, sometime using their pictures as an example of breed standards.
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  1. Hi there! This is Julie from The Misanthropic Shiba. I’d like to recommend Susan Norris-Jones of Sunojo Shibas & Japanese Chin, in Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada. I have had two dogs of her breeding and they have turned out great. She tests all her breeding stock clear and has been a big support in my nearly 20 years of Shiba owning. Her website is

    • Thank you so much for your recommendation Julie, Sunojo Shibas most definitely belong on this list! I have added them per your recommendation and their great reputation!

  2. I’ll recommend Tanasea in Warrenton, VA. Debbie Meador has been my Shiba mentor for 9 years now as well as a great friend. Her dogs are awesome and she cares a lot about who gets to have one. Top breeder of champion Shibas for many, many years.

  3. Hi Mac & Pack,

    we get the question about breeders and rescues often, as well, so we put together this list of resources:

    thought you might like to take a look.

    • This is fantastic, thank you for sharing! Let me read it in detail and work the link into the page, thanks again!

    • I also have one of Tanasea’s line with Ch Nozomi’s Yuengling Koodri RN OA OAJ by Ch Ryukyuu’s Saku x Ch Nozomi’s Red Rose. Yuengling has an AKC Breed Championship his Rally Novice, Open Agility & Open Agility Jumpers. At 4 years old we are working are way towards his MACH. He is a wonderful and beautiful dog. His achievements should make his breeders and our family very proud.

      • Thank you Karen! Would you happen to have Tanasea’s email address? Maybe I can add them listing their email address as contact information since their website is currently down. Thank you so much for your recommendation!

  4. We’re getting our pup from Pam Peterson at Royal Kennels, who has received much praise on the Shiba Inu forum. She health tests her dogs and they all had lovely temperaments when we went to meet them.

  5. Id like to recommend Phil and Cindy Scala of Tengai shibas. Very good friends of Rodel and Polar Star. Also breeder of merit. Complete health screenings and lovely temperaments. I got my now 2yr old boy Jake from them. Couldn’t be happier

  6. Hi,

    Huge fan of your site and Mac. He’s gorgeous. Wondering if you’ve heard anything about Innisfree Kennel?


    • Thank you Jeannie, I have not heard of Innisfree Kennel but they are AKC Breeders of Merit so I am sure they take great pride in their dogs. =) It may be worth checking in with Shiba Forum to see if they have more information there, congratulations!

  7. Not sure if they’re breeding anymore, but Riverwind shibas is reputable. They were recommended to me by Rodel.

    • River Wind Shibas -Gibbs Burch is slowly getting out of the breeding part of this she is going to do education and a little bit of rescue. She had a really bad accident in 2009 and finds it hard to do the things she use to do…..But she will always help with questions and point you in the right direction.

  8. Does anyone know about these breeders or would they recommend them?

    Thanks, Danica
    I am looking for temperament above all..

    • Danica,

      I would keep far away from those 3 breeders you listed.

      • You are exactly correct – I just met several other Shiba owners at a Shiba Meet-up event and the ones purchsed from Myshiba were not only less friendly – they didn’t have a lot of the Shiba classic characteristics. One was very small, one very large, another had white spots where it shouldn’t and tails that didn’t curl up correctly. They are located in Salisbury, NC – I suggest staying away from them especially since they charge people as if they are show dogs and are not.

        • I am new to Shiba’s and am looking for non puppy mill nothing scares me more than that. We got a rescue Great Pyrenees who had been at one. The poor thing got spinal cord constriction and we had to put her down at 9 months old, poor thing couldn’t walk. We tried doggie dippers but she was miserable. It nearly killed our family. I will drive several states away I live in western MI any good people around

    • There are many who are not what I call puppy mills out there that you should be able to find a wonderful healthy puppy from. anyone who has 4-6 litters are one time are not interested in the breed but in fact only how much money they can make. Please keep asking around for a reputable breeder. I do not feel these above are.

    • I purchase Sachi from

      I maybe should have done my research about, but I do not regret purchasing Sachi. So far she has been a healthy beautiful Shiba Inu. I have no regrets. Its hard finding a good breeder in South Florida. We actually drove to Salisbury NC to pick up our dog.

      I don’t believe Right Puppy Kennel ( is a bad breeder at all. I know people get skeptical because they have so many shibas always available, but they do have a good ratio of female vs male shiba inus. At least I know who is Sachi’s mom and dad.

      I really don’t see them as a puppy mill.

      Anyways, I’m so happy with my Sachi.

      • I was recently looking at and was thinking about getting a pup from them but I’m not so sure now. I dont know what to do at this point.

        • Right Puppy is a pretty awful place. If you check with the better business bureau you can see some of the issues. They’ve also been busted recently for faking health certificates.

          Icewind is also problematic. I know quite a few Icewind owners and many say they would not go to them again. The dogs I have met, while sweet, have fear issues and unstable temperaments.

          Take your time to learn what an ethical responsible breeder looks like. The ones listed above (icewind, Spitfyre, Rightpuppy) are unfortunately not it.

        • I just happened across this site. I am not replying to knock out anybody but there are quite a few of us small breeders that are being over looked. We strive to keep our shiba Inu breeding specialized in knowing our lines and keeping them true. Some of us do not show and have big names but we do have quality shiba Inus we have from some top breeder lines. Most of us are not interested in the show ring or big on adverising but we are loyal to keeping the breed pure and beautiful and producing very sweet tempered puppies.
          If you are looking for a Beautiful shiba Inu for a pet or show quality akc ukc,wwkc pups that have a very sweet temperment and is every inch full shiba Inu you should check out a few listed here. 1., 3. or type in small shiba inu breeders. Best of luck in finding that one special puppy for your lifetime companion.

          • Are you affiliated with either Monark Puppies or Firefox Shiba Inus?

            If so, I have a few questions for you, especially Monark as a USDA-licensed breeder. I am curious — where do Monark’s breeding dogs eat and sleep every night? What about the puppies? Where did the parents come from? And how does Dave & Judy Miller of Monark Puppies qualify as a “small breeder” with over 50 adults of five different breeds on their property at the time of last inspection (to say nothing of the numbers of puppies)??

          • What about the health tests Breeders do? do you also do those?

      • i recently purchased a puppy from there thinking they were reputable by the looks of it and i searched for reviews and nothing would come up, i skyped with them, was on the phone with them having a detailed conversation with them and they seemed so knowledgable, now knowing the truth after i paid for the dog and couldnt get a refund, i really felt like a bad person for still falling for a trick because i was looking really hard for a year and half for a reputable breeder and non where in my area (Miami). i am not able to drive to meet a lot of the breeders. I am glad your puppy turned out great i just pray and hope mine isn’t in a bad condition.. but lesson very well learned!

  9. I also breed Shibas (as I bred Mac’s daughter, Star) but I’m not an AKC Breeder of Merit. I’m in NJ. I know Tom & Sandie of Rodel Shibas, Phil & Cindy from Tengai Shibas & Antoinette Crudo from Polar Star Kennels. I have been showing with all of them for years.

    I’m glad Mac is feeling better & was saddened to hear of his eye issues. His daughter & grandkids are all being checked as well. <3 U Mac!!!!

  10. I noticed you have not listed any on the west Coast or close to that area. I know there are several reputable breeders out there. Hillsdale shibas ( Maureen Angerman) in Alberta., Ken and Lucy Tracy in Lewiston ID. Jacey Holden in Lodi Calif. Marianne Ross in WA state. I have a litter now and then, Taichung Shiba’s. I am in WA state.Carol Titus, (Steelcrest) Eugene OR as well as Charlotte Cline in Springfield OR. Any of these are worth checking out.

    • Hi Laura, since I am more familiar with the East Coast I have been concentrating more on this side of the country. I will work my way to the West, thank you for giving me some excellent starting points for my research!

  11. Laura Perkinson is named no less than 14 times in a recent lawsuit against the NSCA for slander and harrassment of another breeder. Marainne Ross and Lucy Tracy are also named in this lawsuit. Charges were brought and upheld against Laura several years ago, for doing the same thing.

    There are many wonderful breeders in Washington and Oregon.

    • Yes we are named by a person who has over 50 shibas and who has gotten away with many scams on people and we have the nerve to try to stop her. This is why she used a lawyer to sue the Parent Club. Not us, but the Parent Club that Lindsay Tompkins was not allowed to join due to her very poor attitude and unsportment like behaviour. BTW once more she has no idea what she is talking about.

      • However, being a bully and confabulating stories about people whose homes you have never seen is sportsmanlike behavior (from a judge no less?)

        Here is my list of ethical breeders in Washington (not all are NSCA either, gasp! It must mean they are bad people!):

        Mamiya Shibas
        Sunrise Shibas
        San Jo Shibas
        Piper’s Creek Shibas

  12. I found my Zoey a retired show dog from Hillsdale shibas ( Maureen Angerman) in Sherwood Park Alberta.Just outside of Edmonton. I visited her home and met with her dogs. I’d recommend her!

    Another popular one from Calgary alberta is Koyote Kennels

  13. Hello, I’m in virginia and wanted to know of a good breeder to get a Shiba pup from. I have considered rescue, but seeing as my family has done cat rescue for over 13 years and have a lot of cats around, I wanted to train one around cats. I have looked at Myshiba, as they are the only breeders I have really found that have puppies. However I have heard a 50/50 of goods and bads about them and I am not sure of them…I looked at Tanasea breeders, but saw no puppies nor prices. I suppose my only regret is the fact that I really cannot afford a $800-$1000 puppy. I prefer the $600 range, but I know that can sometimes lead to bad breeding/careless breeders/etc.

    The only well-liked breeder I found was the Roly Poly breeder in NY. Anyone know of her dogs and how reliable she is? These puppies are also $1000 but I did like her attitude when she called.

    Any help and suggestions would be wonderful!

    • Emily, there are breeders in your area that aren’t listed on the parent club site.

      Try contacting Laura Payton in KY – or Debbie Meador in VA – They have both been in the breed since it was recognized in 1993.

    • Roly Poly Puppies in Moravia, NY sells Shiba mixes. They do not advertise this on the website and only informed us late in the deal. After our deposit had been cashed. After we had driven 5 hours to pick our puppy up and had him in our arms. We got a great dog, but he is not a purebred. We later confirmed with genetic testing. This breeder is dishonest.

  14. Emily, try looking at breeders on to find one near you. It will be less money in the end to spend a few hundred more on a well bred shiba now versus all of the vet bills and heartache from buying a pup that will show up with health issues in a few years. P L E A S E do your research…there are too many puppy sites that look very friendly and professional but behind the computer screens the dogs are kept in filth in tiny cages, never seeing daylight. Good luck and again, try a NSCA member breeder.

  15. I too am a reputable breeder in NJ. I bred Mac’s daughter, Star that I still show, as well as 3 of his other kids, Katsu, Yoko & Space. I’m surprised I’m not on your list!

    I have been involved w Shibas longer than either of the breeders you have listed for NJ!!

    Please feel free to visit my website or to contact me about future litters.

  16. Hello, I am thinking of adopting a Shiba but I am moving to Taiwan. I just wanted to know if there is anybody that could give some kind of reference about any good breeders from Taiwan. Thanks!

    • Is moving to Taiwan a permanent prospect?

      Shibas (and Shiba mixes) often end up in rescue in Taiwan, because it’s a very popular breed there and not enough people spay/neuter. I can give you some rescues to get in touch with, if you’re interested. Do you speak/read Chinese?

      If you plan on leaving Taiwan anytime in… oh, the next 16 years, and you must purchase a puppy, I would save up for a health-tested, responsibly bred dog in the US when you get back.

      • Okay, let me explain,
        I am not from USA. I am moving to Taiwan next fall for college and most like for a very long time, and I will be living in a aparment by myself, and I have been doing my research for the past two years about adopting a shiba inu. I have been thinking and think is a better idea to rescue a shiba inu instead of getting form the local petstore, and a little old like 1 yr or something like that, since I am afraid I won’t be able to be there for a puppy… I would seriously appreciate your opion about this situation, becasue well your shiba come from a shelter too, If I remember correctly, I think you would have a better idea.

        I do speak mandarin and I would love and appretiate a lot if you could help me to be able to help a shiba inu in Taiwan and your wise opinion since you have more experience than me.

        THANKS SO SO MUCH FOR RESPODING NEVER THOUGH YOU WOULD, I HAVE BEING TRYING REAL HARD TO GET SOME INFO ABOUT SHIBA INUS IN TAIWAN. and I did not see this before. thanks! so so much, again! Happy new year btw.

        • Hi Cristina,

          Alas, my Shiba did not come from a shelter. I had to learn from my mistakes so that I can advise people not to do what I did. 😉 There are indeed many Shibas and Shiba mixes in the shelters…

          Once you’re in Taiwan, I would encourage you to get in touch with some local rescue groups. They probably don’t have purebred Shibas just sitting around, but if you get involved, I think your chances are better to rescue a Shiba if one becomes available.

          I cannot vouch for the responsibility of Shiba breeders in Taiwan, as I do not think Taiwanese breeders do any health testing. Here is a link to a popular Shiba forum in Taiwan (all in Chinese); they frequently post notices for adult dogs needing new homes:

          Your inclination to rescue an adult is VERY wise. Shiba puppies are cute, but so are adult Shibas. And puppies definitely take a lot of time. I wouldn’t even think of trying to raise a puppy while I’m also trying to get used to college life…

          • Hi mc,
            Thank you so much! for all the info. I am very grateful, I will take your advise into consideration. Thanks again for taking your time to reply. If I have any other question I will ask for your awesome advise. Thanks you very much.

            Have a nice day!

  17. I’m looking for a shiba puppy but ever wear I find is a scam and 2000 dallers does anyone know a breeder near colorado?

  18. Hello! I’m new to the shiba world, so I figured this would be a great place to get some info. I’m extremely interested in getting a shiba inu. I don’t plan on showing my shiba, but I want to make sure I’m getting a healthy pup from a reputable breeder. I’ve seen in some of the posts that there are certain breeders I should avoid. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!

  19. Has anyone had any good or bad news about Monark puppies in Missouri or rolypolypuppies in Moravia, NY? The lady in Missouri wants to sell me a male red shiba with a high testicle for $750. Is that good or bad? I am more with rolypolypuppies right now as I like their set up and details but I want to know if anyone has seen anything about them.

    • Please be careful there are no Breeders in MO that you want to deal with unless they are listed on the Parent Club site at then go to shiba breeders.

    • As far as rolypolypuppies goes, anyone who sells “hybrid designer dogs” is NOT a reputable breeder! I would stay far, far away.

      And for Monark- they’re USDA licenced which is a huge RED FLAG, because that means that they’re breeding dogs for profit and not to better the breed. On top of that, they’re breeding Beagles, Corgis, Newfoundlands, puggles (a designer dog, see above), and Shibas.

      These are not reputable breeders, please do NOT but any kind of puppy from them.

  20. My boyfriend and I have been researching for over two years. We can’t seem to find a breeder in the state of WA. Please help!

    • I’m a bit surprised that you can’t seem to find a good breeder. My recollection is that there are quite a few out there. Off the top of my head, San Jo is a kennel with very good lines, located in Washington. I’ve ot interacted with a San Jo dog, but have interacted with quite a few with San Jo in their lines and they have been very sound in both temperament and conformation.

      Check the National Shiba Club of America directory to start. I see at least ten breeders listed. Though it’s no guarantee it’s an excellent place to begin looking.

  21. Does anybody have exprience with these people, im doing a little research first.

    I just want an honest opinion, or even better share an experience.
    Hunter Ridge Kennels surprised me because on the website, it had celebrity buyers like mariah carey, But i dont want too gullible.

    • Avoid all of the above!! Definitely bad backyard breeders/puppy mills. I looked into Kruger at one point for a Shiba puppy, and while researching I found many complaints from their customers about dead and unhealthy animals.

  22. I know a lot of people find it difficult to avoid backyard breeders and puppy mills here in the mid-west. I’m not a NSCA member but I am a regional club member that is part of the NSCA. I show and do the NSCA recommended health testing on my dogs and have infrequent litters. If you’d like to check out my website, you’re welcome to list me on your Reputable Shiba Inu Breeders list. I’m located in Kansas.

  23. Goodness, I just ran across this today!!! I’ve got a deposit down on a red shiba inu at Now that I’ve read the news article and all the comments I’m very worried about going through with our puppy purchase. Though I have read some good things about people who have gotten puppies from them. Maybe I should ask them about all that I’ve read and ask to make a visit. I am located in North Carolina.

  24. hi

    I recommend kortar kennels in Ontario Canada. They are very nice people and have therapy shiba inus as well as show dogs. There website is


  25. Jessica –

    I just took home a wonderful Shiba puppy from Frerose Shibas located in South Carolina. They are very reputable and my pup is already wonderfully socialized and potty trained. I highly recommend them, I live in Virginia and drove 6 hours to get her. She was worth every penny!

    Good luck!

  26. Was wondering, I have been dying to get in contact with Hi-Jinx but they just don’t seem to reply to their emails. Is there an alternate way to get a hold of them?

  27. Hello everyone, I have finally found my perfect puppy about a month ago! :3 Shes a sweet black & tan troublemaker! She actually came from a lady and her family who were just trying out their very first litter of Shibas. Mimi’s, my puppy, daddy came from Frerose Shibas! They did not have her daddy’s papers but they gave me the mother’s lineage and a copy her daddy’s paper from when they bought him from Frerose. So far she has been a healthy, bubbly little girl and is learning how /not/ to be a door dasher. I actually live in Virginia and drove to South Carolina to pick up my baby, just like the commentor, Jessica, above me. 🙂 So I am very pleased that the lady I got my puppy from got her daddy from a local breeder. I only got her for $450, which is highly surprising for a Shiba, but I am pleased with how she is and I got to see both of her parents, who were both well and healthy looking! The father was very friendly, I mean lick your face friendly, and the mother, while wary at first, was also friendly. I am so happy to have my first Shiba!

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to help me teach her not to “Door Dash” it’d be appreciative!


  28. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this breeder? I want to make sure I’m buying from a respectable breeder. I live in Illinois if anyone knows any good breeders nearby. Was looking at Hi-Jinx and they seem to be wonderful, so I sent an email off for more information. However, was also looking for info on Denning Farms. Please let me know if anyone has had any experience or has purchased a Shiba from them. Thanks!

    • I wouldn’t buy any dog from Denning Farms. They are a USDA listed breeder with probably over 100 dogs and puppies on the property at any given time, according to their previous inspection reports.

  29. You can go to the AKC website and find any breeder with the Breeder Of Merit status, here is the Just type in the name and state to see if they are on the list.

  30. I am located in Kansas City . Any suggestions on midwest breeder?

  31. I would definitely recommend Piney Ridge Kennels, their website: run by Sarah and Jon Hansen with Sarah dealing most of Shiba business. Great people. They are a family breeder with about 7 adults and about 2 litter of size 2-3 per year. We actually just got our beautiful red female puppy, I mean, beautiful, most of the shibas I’ve seen can’t be compared with my Haruka, lol. She’s alreayd well trained and for a puppy of 8-week old she dealt with an 8 hour drive better than most human beings. When we took her for inspection we knew that was not necessary, she’s so hyper energized that we have to take some time to calm her down before she’s in there. She’s sporty, sweet, sometimes mischievous, anything you’d like to find on a shiba inu puppy. They got the ones you are looking for. Such a shame that they’ve sold their 2 males when I found them, should have got that sesame boy as well.

  32. I would definitely recommend Piney Ridge Kennels in Northwestern Wisconsin, their website: run by Sarah and Jon Hansen with Sarah dealing most of Shiba business. Great people. They are a family breeder with about 7 adults and about 2 litter of size 2-3 per year. We actually just got our beautiful red female puppy, I mean, beautiful, most of the shibas I’ve seen can’t be compared with my Haruka, lol. She’s alreayd well trained and for a puppy of 8-week old she dealt with an 8 hour drive better than most human beings. When we took her for inspection we knew that was not necessary, she’s so hyper energized that we have to take some time to calm her down before she’s in there. She’s sporty, sweet, sometimes mischievous, anything you’d like to find on a shiba inu puppy. They got the ones you are looking for. Such a shame that they’ve sold their 2 males when I found them, should have got that sesame boy as well.

  33. Frerose Kennel in South Carolina is a breeder of merit, listed with the National Shiba Association. We got ours from them. They have been showing this breed for many years and breed for show, not profit. We drove 650 miles to pick ours up and Frederick and Diane are a super nice couple. Our Chloe is beautiful and has the nicest temperament! I get stopped by every one asking about her and wanting to touch her. Highly recommend!

  34. Does any one have knowledge of Nozomi Shibas in New Hampshire?? I live in Massachusetts and they are not too far away from me. The breeders in MA aren’t very quick in answering their emails….
    I would like to find a puppy in November 2014 if possible.

  35. Has anyone had any experience with Showboat kennels in Ga? We are looking for a Shiba after losing our 12 yr. old. Thanks

  36. Hi I recently just adopted a shiba inu from a shelter and she was from a puppy mill she had no human contact and she is 11 months old. She is so skiddish and always wants to run away. I would love to have some advice and I would love to know what kind of collar Mac is using.. I would love to buy one for suki. The red collar with the chain attached.

  37. All I knew about training dogs was what I had learned in Science class about animals being made to behave in certain ways through rewards and punishments, so I naively (stupidly, actually)
    assumed that I could get Vicky to act in the ways that I
    had wanted by rewarding her for her good actions and punishing her
    for her bad ones. Clap for them and also point out their accomplishment to other family members.
    Try not to shame, blame, or guilt your child into potty training and see the ordeal as
    one that is transitional and takes time.

  38. There is a Shiba Breeder in Salisbury, NC that is awful – please warn people

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