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Playing Fetch with a Lamp Shade

So we had another incident with Mac's eye last week.

Starting last Monday night, whenever I administer Mac's daily eye drops he would wince, tried to paw his eye and started keeping his eye close for a bit. Those are all bad signs. By Tuesday night Mac would just close his eyes after I give him his daily eye drop, it was as if the drops were made of acid. I have a suspicion that there is something in the eye drop that's irritating his eye or something in his eye is being irritated by the eye drop.

While his eye pressure level was just checked two weeks prior and showed fantastic score, Glaucoma is always still a possibility so I made a call to his local eye doctor Dr. Smith and they suggested I take him in as emergency right away. Thankfully it turned out to be a small scratch on his cornea and as a result, he is now sporting this goofy cone that would keep him from scratching his eye while it heals.

It has been almost a week since Mac has been sporting the Cone of Glory, below is a video of him in all his grace and glory. Doesn't he look like a four legged lamp?

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