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What Does Your Dog Breed Says About You? (Shiba Edition)

Mac standing tall

Cesar's Way recently published an article on what your dog breed says about you, and of cours

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e, they left out the Shiba Inu.

How dare they!

So lets try to put our head together and come up with a typical Shiba owner profile, shall we? Here's my attempt:

Shibas are independent, stubborn, and trust and respect has to be earned. People who own Shibas tend to be opinionated and have strong wills. They are also clean and organized people who enjoy exercise - but not to the point of sweat. Shiba owners could get a little bit snobby, being guilty of just a little bit too proud of their dignified little dogs. 😉

What's your take on the typical Shiba owner?

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  1. sounds accurate to me… except my humans aren’t very good at keeping the house clean. my hudad loves to exercise and my humom likes to be organized; i guess they split those traits! 🙂

    good work!

  2. love that pic of Mac!

  3. I can’t say anything about the description since I’ve never owned a Shiba, but that website was totally wrong about me. I don’t enjoy playing sports or watching sports!!

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