Mac the Shiba Inu I am a classy Shiba that enjoy long walk on the beach… IS THAT CHEESE?


Video of Sumo’s Visit

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Sumo came by and visited us last weekend in preparation of his upcoming stay with us, it has been awhile so we wanted to make sure they are still fine with each other at my house.

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.. yep, no problem and still playing like old buddies!

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Welcome home!

Recently there is an image floating around Facebook showing a dog standing by a window, with the caption: "No matter how crappy your day is, there is always a happy face waiting for you to get home."

I went to Philly for two days and lef

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t Mac with my parents. Upon returning I thought I would film a video of how he acted when I opened the door. *smile*

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New House Mate – Suki!

We are very fortunate to have Mac's sister Suki living so close to us and her family being so welcoming. Mac has already stayed over at Suki’s house twice and we finally have an opportunity to have Suki over for a few days this week!

Not long ago Sumo stayed over for a few days and it has been a blast for me and especially Mac - Mac was just so much more active and social when there was another dog around. I feel that no matter how close we get to our dog, there is an aspect of companionship only another canine can provide. This saddens me, but at the same time makes me even more excited for any prospect of dog boarding.

Here are some interesting tid bits with Suki around for the past two days:

  • Instead of one dog, I now have two dogs waking me up in the morning...
  • Ditto on food begging, thankfully I had lots of practices and can look them right in the eyes while eating my Chipolet. I'm a Monster, I know.
  • Instead of her expensive and delicious ZiwiPeak kibbles, Suki went straight for Mac’s Kentland kibbles and vice versa, I guess they do get tired of eating the same food all the time.
  • Unlike Mac, Suki likes to stay close to me (maybe due to new environment?), her preferred spot is under my computer desk.
  • Walking both of them are surprisingly easy - both Flexi leashes can be held comfortably in one hand, both dogs responded well to “Go!” command to not linger and when leashes are shortened, they trail each other perfectly with no pull. Things may change as they get comfortable.
  • Having two dogs is once again, pretty awesome.

That's it for this short update, will write more about the sibling dual later!

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Sheepa’s Midnight Craving

Today I sit in front of my work desk in a zombie-state.

Last night started off innocently normal - we went for a long walk, Mac ate his cup and a half of kibbles, and by midnight I shutoff the light and turned in for bed. Mac dutifully laid by the bed for 5 minutes before going to his usual spot on the of the stair case and went to sleep.

Then around 2am I felt Mac's wet muzzle on my arm, he was restless and bounced around next to my bed. When this happens in the middle of the night it usually means he needs to go, bad. Facing the prospect of me wet vac-ing the carpet in the middle of the night, I leapt out of my bed and dashed down to open the backyard's sliding door for him. Mac made a bee-line into the dark without even a glance back to his dazed master.

5 minutes passed, still no sign of Mac returning and my sleepiness was beginning to wear off. I was starting to get a bit concerned so I grabbed a flash light and went down the deck to check, only to find him furiously chomping away at the mint / grass / weed mix with morning dew on top. I tried to call him over (mostly so I don't need to step on wet grass) but he did not listen. I resorted to tip-toeing to him and carried him back purse dog style.

One hour later the exact same scenario repeated itself and I ended up closing my bedroom door afterwards - I had enough of the little boy crying wolves for the night.

I know dogs eat grass for a variety of reasons, but the way Mac was going at it was a bit ridiculous... I should investigate the patch of greens that Mac attacked, maybe he has discovered dog-nip?

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Just two dogs playing fetch

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This is a Two Dog Household!

It is going to be a very special weekend - Sumo's owners are traveling to Jamaica for vacation so Sumo will be staying with us for a few days!

This is the first time for me taking care of more than one dog, and we did a lot of ground work in preparation for this week to make sure Sumo and Mac get along great. Sumo is one of the few dogs that Mac tolerates in his territory, even so, Mac would still stare Sumo down from time to time to let him know who is boss, but each meeting gets better and better. Sumo being readily submissive definitely helped the process!

We are very excited to hav

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e Sumo joining the house hold and Mac having a buddy, stay tuned for a more detailed Mac & Sumo update!

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Break Through!

What is so special about Mac sleeping on the bed? Well, for the past two years we have been trying to get Mac to get on

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the bed with us to no avail. Normally after I waved him over, he would stay on the bed for at most 10 seconds to full-fill the minimum requirement and hop off to resume guard dog duty at the stairs. For whatever reason, on this day Mac voluntarily came onto the bed, curled up, and slept next to CZ. Gloating, CZ snapped a pic and sent it to me with the title "Mac loves me more! =)"

Thanks Mac, thanks.

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We Are Back from Grand Cayman!

Many thanks to Suki's parents for taking Mac in once again when the humans went off to vacation!

Suki and Mac playing

During the drop-off, Mac did a quick exploration of the new place and settled right in with his sister and cats - it felt a bit like dropping the kids off at a nicely run summer camp while the parents sneak out for a little R&R. I am so appreciative of having so many fantastic folks around the area that can help board Mac - Thank you!

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.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/IMG_1117.jpg" alt="Kiwi Peak aka The Good Stuff" title="Kiwi Peak aka The Good Stuff" width="213" height="320" class="alignright size-full wp-image-1103" />

One funny thing that happened when we went to pick up Mac after the trip – Suki’s mom told us that "she broke our dog." What she meant was that Mac got a taste of what they feed Suki, one of the healthiest [expensive] dry food (Kiwi Peak) and has been refusing his Costco brand dry food! So Suki’s mom sent Mac home with a bag of Ziwi Peak and two cans of wet food that smelled better than what *I* normally eat. Seeing how much Mac enjoy those food we might put him on the same diet as well.

Now that the humans are back and work is not as insane, hopefully I will slowly get the blog back on track once again. We’re back!


Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day at the Dog Parkcialis super active

entine's Day at the Dog Park" width="720" height="480" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1006" />

Valentine's Day? Spent it with Mac at a dog park playing fetch! Hope yours was just as good if not better!



Graced by a thin layer of snow, just enough to make hiking trails muddy.

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