Mac the Shiba Inu I am a classy Shiba that enjoy long walk on the beach… IS THAT CHEESE?


Where did this white stuff come from?


It seems like every time I update the blog it's because of snow! A lot of things are happening in our life and there are many new reviews and news we

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want to share with everybody, I will have to find time and put them all down in writing. In the meantime, please enjoy a photo of Mac looking majestic in this morning's early Spring snow storm! A few seconds after this shot he was once again jumping and rolling in the snow like a puppy. This old man is turning 8 in two days!

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Snow Snow Snow!


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Just as I was storing away my snowboarding gear for the season, the temperature took a nose dive and snow hit the area again! As always, Mac was super enthusiastic about the powder while I grumbled and retrieved the shovel...

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Autumn is Here

Autumn is one of Ma

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c's favorite seasons. The cooler temperature means he no longer overheats during hikes and remains highly active through the entire trip; it also means he is extra playful and always bounce towards me with tennis ball in his mouth. Autumn's foliage is now in full swing - we plan to take full advantage of the gorgeous view in the following weeks, I hope you and your friends do as well!

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Month Update?

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Sunday Morning

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Sumo" title="Sumo" width="720" height="478" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1144" />

Still without power at home, so just a photo of Sumo for now!

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Give Me Five!

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_3371-Edit_fb.jpg" alt="Mac giving me five" title="Mac giving me five" width="720" height="478" class="alignright size-full wp-image-1126" />

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Mac Helping Out with Modeling

A few weeks ago Mac was recruited by my friend Tingting for part of a photo shoot. Below are a few pictures from the shoot. Great looking duo!

Model: TingTing
Photographer: Malek Naz Photography

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Malek Naz Photography

Malek Naz Photography

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Sun Set

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Review: F-Stop Guru Backpack

I know quite a few of you enjoy outdoor adventures as well as photography. In my search for the perfect pack to hold my camera equipments on longer trips, the F-Stop Guru came highly recommended. I did a quick first impression video

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for those of you who may be considering this backpack but wanted a more in-depth review. Hope this helps!

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Monday Hike

A few pictures from today's hike. Can you believe temperature is in the 50s mid-February? I am happy, but at the same time a bit concerned.

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