Mac the Shiba Inu I am a classy Shiba that enjoy long walk on the beach… IS THAT CHEESE?


4″ of Snow!

wow. much snow. many cold. freezing. wow.


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Shiba Inu + Baby

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A super sweet collage of Shiba + Baby photo has been floating around online. If you have not seen it yet, prepare your "awwwwww~" sound!

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Interview with The Dog

Great read, just make sure nobody is cutting onion around you...

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Don’t Be Cheap 1-800-FLOWERS

Ms. Ashley Owen Hill, Founder of Lucky Dog Rescue

Ms. Ashley Owen Hill, Founder of Lucky Dog Rescue, image from

Here's an interesting story that landed on my desk today.

A few months back ran a photo contest called "There's a New Bunny in Town," the premise is to put a pair of bunny ears on your pet and snap a picture, and the picture with the most Likes win a year supplies of pet food, pet toys, gift cards and a host of other prizes.

Maria Mandel entered her service dog Stacey Mae and rallied Stacey's 18,000+ facebook fans to vote in the contest with the goal of donating the prize to Lucky Dog Rescue. Hard work paid off and they won the contest, however, once received the shipping address they were never heard from again.

Weeks later the owner of Lucky Dog Rescue contacted to inquire about the status of the winning prizes, as expected not many employees were familiar with the contest and when she finally found somebody that was, he tried to weasel out of the deal by claiming the prize was non-transferable (although it was not clearly stated in the contest rules).

Since the news broke has apologized and claimed that they will make things right. But seeing how they handled the situation so far, I don't think we should put away the pitchfork and torch until the food touch down at the rescue.

For full story please visit:


Puppy Mill Auction Adventures

Often times dog rescue organizations would pool resources together to attend dog auctions in order to pull some dogs from the vicious life cycle. I have always wondered what it would be like to attend a technically legal dog auction. mc recently posted a link to a first hand account of a dog auction, definitely worth a read:


Homless Man with Dog Refuses Shelter

I recently read a very touching story about a man fell on hard time because of a bad back. Instead of giving up his 6 years old dog and go to shelters, he decided to live on the street in order to keep his companion. What i

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s more amazing is that after the story breaks, there is such an out pour of support that the fate of the man and dog are finally turning for the better! Here is the link to the feel-good story:

Kind of forces us to look inside ourselves and question whether we would be able to go this far for our dog?

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Shiba Basic Training

Seriously, this is the cutest Shiba puppy video I have ever seen...

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I Will Forever Wait for You – Seymour

If you are a fan of Futurama, you may remember the episode of Fry's dog Seymour. Fry though

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t his dog no longer remembers him, little did he know he has been waiting for his return since the day he left... the episode ends and credits roll right after the old Seymour closed his eyes... talk about a tear jerker!


Japan Post Disaster Rescue

Warning: Heart-wrenching music video, don't watch if you do not enjoy cutting onion!

An extremely touching short m

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usic video of the animal rescue effort in Japan after the tsunami disaster. These amazing people brave the radiation at Fukushima (福島) to rescue the pets that were left behind.

PS - It's amazing to see how many Shiba / Shiba-mix there are.

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Walmart’s Get on the Shelf Contest – Zip Pup!!

My buddy Austin recently submitted a pet product called Zip Pup!! to Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest. His product enables easy leash up for dogs with only one hand, I will let him describe his product as well as the contest:

Some of you may have heard or seen the video of the newest patent pending dog collar that can be single handily dunned onto an animal and adjusted!! Wowzers! Right? I bet this could have come in handy for all those newbie mom and dads who have to hold their babies and try to leash up their dog for a walk.

I have submitted the

video to Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest and are amongst the 4000+ contestants trying to get their product on the shelf of Walmart. Please take 3 - 4 minutes to enjoy the newest dog collar the "ZipPup!!" invented by one of your own. The contest is like American Idol where the public will vote to see which product will be on a Walmart shelf near you. The voting starts March 7th and continues until April 3rd. Click on the link below to access our product page where you can view the product video, vote, and learn to vote via SMS text messaging.

If you think Zip Pup!! has merit, please visit his product page and give him your vote!!!