Mac the Shiba Inu I am a classy Shiba that enjoy long walk on the beach… IS THAT CHEESE?



Shiba Inu Lion costumecure of vitiligo

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Pinning it for Mac's costume idea this year... =)

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Shiba Inu – Obdience Contest?!

This feels a bit surreal...


Ping Pong Dog

This dog is participating in the ping pong game!

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Sleeping Arrangement – Expectation vs. Reality

Sleeping arrangement - Expectation vs. Reality

Sleeping arrangement - Expectation vs. Reality

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Shiba Obedience

Saw this little chart for Akita Obedience, figure it is applicable to their smaller relative Shiba as well. 😉


Every Meal

If the picture is too dark and you don't see the looming Shiba, please check out HibariShiba's updated version, thanks HibariShiba! 😉

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Toilet Water Bowl

Absolutely hilarious water bowl! Doesn't sound too practical but oh man, so tempting...

PS - Found it on Amazon for $30, hrmm...


Zak George: Why Cesar Millan is Yesterday’s Dog Trainer

...LOL!!! I apologize, I am rarely this rude, but seriously this guy... I will just let all the YouTube comments speak for themselves. I really should not help promote this guy's video but this is a gem.

I am for Positive Reinforcement and I also really try to understand what my dog is telling me instead of just over-ruling him and force him to do things without considering the reason. But at the same time, I believe that letting my dog know I am in control of the situation is very important. I think depending on the situation, more aversive reinforcement is reasonable. It is just that there is such a stigma associated with anything negative that people immediately shun it, probably fearing judgement from peers; so as a by-product of this movement, we now have people like Zak that hops on the Anti-Cesar bandwagon to boost his own fame (listen to what he said in the beginning of the video... yeah right, he clearly knew it would generate controversy and that was exactly what he wanted). Sad.

I apologize if you are a Zak George fan, or Zak George himself.

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