Mac the Shiba Inu I am a classy Shiba that enjoy long walk on the beach… IS THAT CHEESE?


Cutest Japanese Shiba Puppy!

Adorable Shiba Puppy in Japan. Interesting to see them all off leash while outdoor.

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Wonderful Adoption Video from SPCA

Although the cats and dogs felt a bit confused in the video but we can all feel the love from the SPCA volunteers in this music video!

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Puppies Learning Play Bow

I was always a bit fuzzy on whether Play Bow was instinct or learned... looks like it's learned as demonstrated by this super cute French Bulldog father & kids combo!

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Shiba Rejection

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A few friends shared the same video with me, thought I would spread the Shiba Rejection love too! 😉


Parkour Dog

Parkour dog from Ukraine!

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Reporter on Acid while visiting Westminster Dog Show

Besides the initial cursing, it's a clean video. Good natured dog show visit while tripping on Acid gives an interesting perspective to the dog show.


Play Date Fail

Mac and Darwin

Darwin was staying over at Isis's for the weekend so Mac went to visit his old pal. Unfortunately things did not work out and they did not exactly get to play because there was a burger in the picture, they ended up spending the entire time staring...

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Learning how to growl

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Sumo nom nom nom

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Bike Lock

This dog prote

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cts the owner's bike from being stolen, make sure you check out the ending. All I got to say is that I need to train Mac to do this!

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