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So you want a Shiba Inu?

Are you interested in bringing a Shiba Inu into your life? Who could resist the teddy bear like puppies that grow up into dignified adults? But before you pull the trigger, here are a few very important things to consider.

1. They may look small but they shed a LOT. It is advertised that Shiba blow their coat (replace all their fur) twice a year but in reality they shed constantly – it is just that when it comes time for the bi-annual coat blowing it is like Armageddon! From that perspective, I suppose the everyday shedding is nothing in comparison. If you have black furniture, enjoy wearing black clothing, hate vacuuming, you may want to reconsider.
[Case: Sheepa Inu?]

2. As loyal as Shiba Inu are, they should be kept on a leash when out in the opening at all times. The problem is not that they may not come back, it is rather that they have very strong prey drive and if they take off after a small animal, it would be difficult to stop them. This may not be as big an issue in the country but when you are living in the cities with traffic it is putting your dog and other people at risk. As a result, Shibas typically need to be leashed whenever they are out in the open. This may not sound like a big deal initially but if you are very active outdoor and plan to bring your dog with you, maneuvering with a leash gets old fast.
[Case: Run Away Mac]

3. These Shibas, they have a mind of their own. If you want a dog that obeys your every command with the sole purpose in life of pleasing you – forget it. Sure they pick up tricks but it will require patience – not due to lack of intelligent but more in bribing them into thinking they want to learn the trick. If obedience and willingness to please is important to you, there are many other breeds out there better suited for your purpose.
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If these three points are something you can live with for 13+ years, congratulations, you are about to make one of the best decisions in your life!

PS – Many people have asked for breeder recommendation. If you are on the East Coast, please visit Mac's breeder Rodel Shibas (PA). They have a stellar reputation in the Shiba Inu scene and is extremely caring and knowledgeable when it comes to their babies!

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  1. Love your words! I hope that soooooooo many people read them.

  2. Hello, wonderful post 🙂 Shiba Inus are quite something else! I recently found you blog, and I´m really enjoying it! I was thinking of your nr 3 on the post here above: I´m on my second shiba inu and none of them have ever shed their fur constantly! Sure it´s Armageddon twice a year, but between not a single hair use to fall of! Have you consider changing Macs food?
    And for the leash issue, I know a couple of Shibas who can do well without a leash 🙂 It´s a lot of traing behind, but it is possible. But no, your Shiba Inu will not walk happy on you left side 😉 My Fumito (10 month) have a passion for chasing birds on open areas. But I am hopeful that he can walk without a leash in a few years! The best tip to is to take your shiba puppy to the forest, and hide when it runs away. A shiba puppy without its pack will panick and after a few times he/she will make sure you not disappear 😉

    /Anette from Sweden

    • Thank you for your kind words Anette!

      it would be great if I can get Mac to not shed fur during “off season!” I have tried different food with Mac but I still find fur around the house from time to time, what food do you feed your Shibas / would recommend? Maybe I will give some new food a try since his current one is about to run out!

      Great to hear Fumito is doing well and having a blast. 😉 The forest training is actually pretty good tip!!

      My friend did say he saw quite a few Shibas walking perfectly off leash during his trip to Europe but he did mention the traffic over there is not as vicious as what we have in the U.S. and people are more used to walking everywhere (vs. driving) so the pair get a lot of practice time. I have never been to Europe so I am not sure if it is true, do you observe the same thing?

  3. HI

    My boyfriend and I have been reading and getting informed about dog breeds for the last few weeks, and we think the Shiba Inu is the right one. We live in an apartment but we have 2 big parks nearby and a forest a few minutes walk.

    I am enjoying your blog allot, not only for the awesome pictures but also because it has allot of information that you would not find so easily in normal websites. Umm I wanted to ask you some questions, but actually by reading I think I am finding everything I need haha. Just how many walk per day do you give Mac?

    Thanks! Aafke from Holland

    • Thank you for your kind words Aafke! I think a Shiba would do great in your household! I usually walk Mac twice a day, a short 10 mins walk in the morning (if I run short on time I just let him run around in the yard while I get ready for work) and a longer 30 mins walk in the afternoon. On weekends I try to take him on hikes, dog parks, or play dates.

      Please do drop a note (and photos!) if you end up with a Shiba!

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