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Half a Year Report

Shiba Inu Mac yawningSummer and Fall came and went in a blur, it had been an amazing and eventful half a year full of hikes, outings and friends. As Mac gets older, there is a very noticeable decrease in activity level (he is 9 1/2 now) and I have adjusted our outings to match his output. One sad news that I have yet to share with the readers of this blog is that Mac finally lost the sight in his left eye due to Glaucoma early this year, I will write more in-depth on that topic in a later entry as it is still a tough thing to talk about, it is also one of the reasons I stepped away from blogging for awhile. Right now I am observing his remaining good eye very carefully, anything out of the ordinary and we are off to the vet for an eye pressure check and exam.

On a happier front, Mac has finally embraced his dog bed of 3 years and stared sleeping in it regularly. His morning ritual would involve pulling out the top padding and swinging it (and spreading it’s fillings) around, so a replacement may be imminent. You can be sure I would be doing a review on that replacement!

For my friends not sharing updates on blogs, how have the last half a year been treating you and your pup?

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